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May 6, 2020

Ep.28 – AIDS Mary - Urban Legend of Vengeance!

Ep.28 – AIDS Mary - Urban Legend of Vengeance!

Episode Notes

After a heinous crime is committed against two young women they begin exercising bloody vengeance in horrific ways. Based on the urban legend of the same name!

AIDs Mary by Rob Fields

Read more about the legend at:

Music by Ray Mattis

Produced by Daniel Wilder

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Raymond Burr reached his girlfriend’s off-campus apartment. He looked at the tenant listings and pressed the buzzer button next to M. Wright. Moments later, he was buzzed in. 

He went down the hall to the corresponding apartment and knocked on the door. It opened shortly after. 

Raymond’s girlfriend stood there, dressed in an oversized T-shirt.  “Anne, hi,” Raymond said. 

“Hey.” She stepped aside to let him in. 

Raymond kissed Anne on the lips. Then it turned into a more passionate kiss. Anne began to moan a little. When Raymond felt her hands in his hair, he moved a hand to grope one of her breasts. 

Suddenly, Anne gasped.

“Raymond, stop!” she commanded. 

When he wouldn’t relent, she grabbed his hair. “Get off me, goddamn it!”

When he realized that she was serious, he obeyed. 

She glared at him. “Is this all you want from me when we’re together? Is that all we are to you and your fucking fraternity brothers – sex toys?”

He groaned in frustration. “Jesus, Anne, what the fuck? You join a convent or something? It used to be you wanting to fuck all the time. Now you’re all holier-than-thou.” He groaned again. “You’ve been like this for weeks. I’m trying to be patient, but I’m at my end. You wanna break up?”

Anne started crying. “I’m sorry, Raymond. I just don’t think I can be sexual with you anymore.” She looked at him sharply. “Do you love me? Tell me the truth.”

He took a deep breath. “You know I love you. I do. But you gotta tell me what’s wrong.”

A long silence. “I’m late.”

“Late? What do you mean?”

Her glare was stronger. “I’m late! As in . . . I missed my period. As in I got pregnant.”

His eyes grew wide. “You’re . . . pregnant?”

She went to the bathroom and returned with three sticks in her hand: 2 white and 1 pink. “I got pregnant – three different tests.”

He took the sticks from her, all showing plus signs. Then he looked back at her. “You’re sure?”

She glared at him again. “You want me to take another test? You want to fuck me again, just to make sure they’re right?”

He threw the sticks down and grabbed her shoulders. “That’s enough!” When he saw her fear, he quickly released her. “Let’s talk.”

“What’s there to say?” she whispered. 

A long pause. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Raymond asked.

She groaned. “I didn’t want a baby!” She wiped away tears, then pointed to the door. “Get the fuck out!” 

Without another word, she stormed into the bathroom and slammed the door. The lock clicked soon after . . .  

Raymond returned to his dorm. He wanted to comfort Anne, but he didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t bear to hear Anne sobbing behind her bathroom door. 

Suddenly, his smartphone rang. He answered it. “What?!”

Turn on the news, man! Do it now!

“Marcus, I don’t have time for this.”

Mary’s here! She’s on our campus! Jeff’s dead!

Raymond quickly reached for the TV remote. He turned the news on and recognized the building where the news cameras were. It was the Delta Omega Kappa fraternity house on the other side of Strickfield University. 

As the reporter talked about the incident, the camera switched to a bedroom inside the house. 

Did you see it – on the mirror? It was in Carl’s room, too!” 

The camera stopped on the mirror and zoomed in. 

Raymond remembered hearing about this same message two days ago. The message was written in red lipstick. The words in the message were identical:


You still there, dude?

Raymond found his voice. “I’ll be right over.”

Raymond met up with Marcus in front of the DOK house. Just seeing his look of horror sent a shiver down his spine. 

Marcus grabbed his arm. “The rest of us are over at Masterson Hall.”

The two fraternity brothers walked to the other side of campus. When they entered the building, Raymond saw that there were only two others there. When they stopped, Raymond turned to Marcus. 

“You said the rest of us were here.”

“This is the rest of us, Raymond. Carl was on the news two days ago. The cops found his body at the Lemley Hotel off the main highway. The gun was in his hand and rest of his head all over the fucking walls. 

Carl saw Mary’s message on the mirror and he blew his head off – AIDS Mary.”

Raymond wanted to laugh. “AIDS Mary?!” Then he regarded all of them. “How do you people know her fucking name? There something you wanna tell me?”

“You should be afraid, too,” James Clarke stammered. “She’ll come for you, too.”

“She’ll come for all of us,” Marv Vernon added. “Ain’t no coincidence she got Carl, then Jeff.” 

He stood up. “That fucking bitch has AIDS, and now she wants to give it to us. We know what she looks like, but she still got Carl and Jeff to fuck her anyway.”

Raymond raised his hand. “How do you know she screwed them? Were you there?”

“Their bodies were found – naked,” Marcus said. “Didn’t you watch the report on Carl? Why would she put that fucking message on the mirrors? She definitely fucked them both.”

Raymond was frustrated. “Assholes, you need to talk to me! Why is this AIDS Mary after everybody in our fraternity?”

A brief silence . . . Then one of them said, “We raped her!”

Raymond’s heart dropped into his stomach. “What?!”

“I said, we raped her!”

“That’s what I thought you said.” Raymond took a deep breath. “Okay . . . Tell me more.”

Marcus sat down with the others. “Earlier this semester, while you were taking a make-up exam, we went out looking for girls. We found this high school chick in a bar – drunk as shit. We brought her back to the house. We felt playful and started touching her. When she backed off, we grabbed her and took her down to the floor. She wasn’t as drunk as we thought since she tried fighting us off.”

Raymond groaned. “Un_fucking_believable!”

“Except it wasn’t just her. It was them – as in it wasn’t just Mary.”

Raymond’s jaw dropped. “Jesus Christ, how many girls did you rape that night?! Three?! Five?! A hundred?!”

“Two,” Marv replied. “Just two.”

Raymond faked a smile. “Okay, you raped two girls. Where’d you get the other one?”

“A girl saw us through a window. She ran, but we caught her and –”

“I can’t believe this shit!” Raymond roared in anger. “So . . . another girl saw you . . . was gonna blow the whistle and – ! What happened after you finished with them?!” 

“We took Mary back to her high school and left here there. The other girl ran off. We were all still drunk, so we don’t really remember what she looked like.”

Raymond waved his hand frantically. “Okay, how do you know it’s this AIDS Mary? How do you know it’s not the other girl?”

Marcus handed Raymond he had been holding. “Open it.”

Raymond opened the envelope and removed the paper. It was the results of a hospital AIDS test, which was positive. The recipient was Mary Richter.

Raymond gave the items back. “Okay . . . But what I really wanna know . . . ? Which one of you motherfuckers gave it to her?”

The guys looked at each other in bewilderment. 

Raymond laughed scornfully. “Are you fucking serious?!” 

He calmed down. “You shitheels raped two girls. You have a hospital report saying one of them’s got full-blown AIDS. It never occurred to you that one of you has it?”

No replies. 

Raymond sighed. “Okay, I’ll add something. You dumbasses probably all have it now. You all took turns with Mary, right?” When the others looked at each other in horror, he knew he had them. “You gotta get your sorry asses to a hospital – stat! If you all have AIDS, you know why.” 

Raymond raised his finger. “Then . . . ! Turn yourselves in to the police and confess to everything. AIDS Mary’s still out there, right? She knows you shitheads – what you did to her. You’ll all be lipstick on mirrors eventually. Me? I’m leaving. I got problems of my own. And I’m done with this fucking fraternity. AIDS Mary ain’t coming for me since I wasn’t in on the rape. Have a nice life, gentlemen.”

Without another word, Raymond left Masterson Hall and walked back to his dorm. 

A week later, Raymond was in his room, still trying to talk to Anne. This time it was on video chat. Clearly, she was still down about her pregnancy. Not wanting to talk any further, she disconnected on him. 

He decided to turn on the news. 

He nearly dropped the remote when he saw the top story. Like the other DOK brothers, James had been found in his room – wrists slit. A familiar message was written on the full-length mirror in lipstick:

WELCOME TO MY WORLD OF AIDS! Raymond turned off the TV and raced to see if the other frat brothers were still alive. 

When he reached the fraternity house, he ran inside and shouted for them. 

No reply! 

He raced upstairs. When he reached Marv’s room, he looked in. The room was empty. 

He moved to Marcus’s room. Empty! Now he was worried. From past experiences, he knew there was always a frat brother at the house. 

Raymond moved throughout the rest of the house. As he was about to leave, he remembered the basement and headed to that door. 

Upon reaching it, he opened the door and flipped the light switch. Nothing!

He turned and headed to the kitchen. He flipped the switches there. Nothing! He went to a drawer and pulled out a knife.

He returned to the basement and descended slowly. 

Once off the bottom step, he looked around uneasily. He saw the back room and walked quietly towards it. 

He peeked in and saw that Marcus was tied to the bed – in just his boxers. When Marcus saw him, his eyes widened and he made a muffled sound. 

Raymond raced to Marcus and removed the tape from across his mouth. “Marcus, what the fuck?” 

Marcus shrieked, “It’s her, Raymond! She’s here!”

“Hi, boys . . .” another voice called out from nearby. 

A few second later, the intruder – a female – stepped out from behind a full-length mirror! 

“Mary Richter!” Raymond cried. 

She was wearing very sexy, revealing lingerie. “In the flesh,” she purred. She looked at Raymond. “I don’t believe I know you.” 

Suddenly, she raised her finger. “Wait a minute, you’re Raymond. Your name’s on the charter. You shouldn’t have come here. But I guess it doesn’t matter. I would’ve found and killed you anyway.”

“For what?” Raymond demanded. “You belong to this fucking fraternity! Okay, you weren’t here when I was raped, but you are a brother. I got the others. You’re the last one.”

He heard Marcus say, “Yeah, Raymond, she just screwed me! She gave me that shit she’s carrying!”

You people gave me this shit!” Mary shouted. “When you raped me!”

Raymond raised his hands. “How did you get everybody if they already knew who you were?”

“Wasn’t hard.” She laughed at her success. “You guys only think with your dicks, right? It was so easy to use shit from the theater department at my school. I could be a completely different girl with a wig, different clothes, stuffing my bra . . . Then I just found the bastards and fucked them! The easiest part of all!” 

She took hold of the mirror and turned it around. Raymond and Marcus read the same message written in lipstick:


“This message can work for you, too, Raymond,” Mary said. She then produced a gun and pointed it at him. “I won’t fuck you. You two can have a suicide pact. At least that’s what the police will think . . .”

“Don’t do this,” Raymond begged.

“Why?!” Mary snapped. “You didn’t rape me, but that doesn’t mean you get a pass! You’ll leave here and call the police. Those motherfuckers raped me that night.” She shouted now. “I had my whole life ahead of me! I’m not even out of high school. And your fucking fraternity brothers brought me here and raped me. I cried – begged – them to stop. They totally destroyed me, made me bleed, made sure I would never have a life! I’m dying, Raymond! There’s no cure! So I’m getting my revenge before I die!”

“Why do you need to kill me, then?” Raymond fired back. “I was clear on the other side of the campus that night. I would never have let these guys rape you!” He sighed. “I’m not apologizing for these bastards.”

“Raymond – !” Marcus started.

“Fuck you, Marcus! Mary’s right. You fuckers got exactly what you deserved.” Raymond dropped the knife. “You wanna kill me? Then I hope you explain to my girlfriend and unborn child why.”

Mary’s mouth opened a little. “You have a girlfriend? And you’re having a baby?” She put the back of her hand to her forehead. “I really feel sick. I think I’m going to die soon. I haven’t taken any medications. I couldn’t afford any, especially after my parents kicked me out. I don’t want to live like this.” She lowered the gun and sniffled again. “Would you really have stopped these guys that night?”

“If I would’ve been here that night, you’re damn right I would’ve.” He started to move toward the couch. When she quickly raised the gun, he raised his hand. “I’m just getting this blanket.”

She lowered the gun. He picked up the blanket and shook it open. He approached Mary and draped it around her. She took it and finished covering herself. After she did, she moaned and collapsed. 

Raymond caught her and lowered her to the floor. 

“I’ll call for an ambulance,” he told her. 

“What’s the point?” Mary choked and began to cry. “Why?!” She looked up to the ceiling. “Why did they have to kill me?”

Raymond eased Mary into his arms and let her cry as much as she wanted. He really felt horrible inside. True, he wasn’t involved with the rape, but as part of this fraternity . . . he felt might as well have been. 

He took the gun away from Mary without a struggle. Then he pulled out his smartphone and called 911. 

Hours later, Raymond returned to his dorm. He found Anne sitting on the bed. For the first time in so long, she smiled for him. “Anne?”

“I just saw the news. You stopped AIDS Mary!” She took his hand. “Are you okay? I know I’ve been so awful to you these last few months. I’m so sorry.”

Raymond sat with her. He squeezed her hands. “I love you so much, Anne. I’m ready to be a father for our baby. I’m here for you.” She leaned forward and kissed him. After several kisses, she pulled her sweatshirt off. “Let’s make love!”

He looked astonished. “Are you sure?”

She undid the button on the front of her bra and exposed her breasts. Soon they undressed each other and got under the sheets. Falling asleep together was last thing Raymond remembered.

In the morning, Raymond woke up. Anne was gone. Next to him was a flash drive with a note taped to it – PLAY ME!! 

He picked it up and went to his computer. After inserting the drive, the video appeared. It was Anne. 

“Hi, Raymond. Before I go any further, I left an envelope on the desk. Look inside.”

He turned and found the envelope. He opened it and found a hospital results sheet inside, similar to Mary Richter’s. As he looked it over, he saw that it was a pregnancy test. Then he felt a second page just underneath it. He looked that page over. It was a second test. 

And then his jaw dropped.

Anne talked, as if on cue. “Yes, Raymond, now you know why I didn’t want to sleep with you these last few months. I was pregnant, and . . . it wasn’t yours. I really did want to have a baby with you, so I went off the pill. Our anniversary came. I stopped by your fraternity to get you. Then I remembered you were taking your make-up exam. As I was leaving, I heard a girl crying out inside. 

“I discovered your brothers raping that poor girl. One of them saw me, and I ran. They caught me and pulled me into the house. Your brothers raped me too, Raymond.” She wiped away a tear. “They gave me AIDS and got me pregnant that night. Mary rightfully killed those motherfuckers.”

“I ended up having an abortion since the baby would have been born with the disease. But I’ve got a new purpose now. From now until I die, I’m going to sleep with as many men as I possibly can. You men violated me and basically killed me. What I once did for you out of love, I do so now in revenge.”

“AIDS Mary will live on, Raymond. Or don’t you remember my full name?” He gulped and looked down at her test results. He read the name over carefully: Mary Anne Wright. Then he looked back at the monitor. “One final thing, Raymond . . . Look at the bathroom mirror.”   She blew him a scornful kiss to end the video. He stood up and raced to the bathroom. He turned on the light saw the message on the mirror . . . in the very same shade of lipstick:


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