Listen in the Dark, It's More Fun That Way!


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Horror fans come on in

Love the small stories and the jump scares of the chaotic music

Love ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️ 💕 it

Love everything about this podcast

Great spooky fun

Other spooky podcasts run on a limited basis around Halloween but Weekly Spooky is year round and tons of fun. I love that most episodes are about 20-30 minutes long so they fit nicely into morning walks or my commute. Each Wednesday episode is either a stand alone or short serial fiction story. The stories are intense but often include a bit of dark humor as well. I also enjoy the recent addition of “Monthly Spooky” - a conversational variety episode that runs once a month for about 2 hours, and “Spooky but True” which covers true life spooky stories (often a bit like Dateline or Unsolved Mysteries).

Fangtastic Podcast

I look forward to this podcast every week, highly recommend if you like horror!

Love halloween

I love Halloween and to be able to have it all year round in the form of a podcast is fantastic, I listen while I am at work and love the stories I'm even tempted to write my own, thank you for everything you do please keep on spooking all year round 😈


I love this podcast so much 🥰

My favorite podcast

I found this podcast on Spotify while searching for Halloween content. It took one episode for me to be hooked. I'm working my way through all the episodes and so far, I've enjoyed them all. I am so glad I found this podcast. Highly recommend for anyone who loves all things spooky.

Great Stories!! 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

I give this podcast 5 pumpkins! I absolutely loved the Christmas stories and immersive sound effects! The stories are short, simple and keep you guessing what’s around the corner! I will def continue to listen and add them to my Too 5 Patreon’s!!

The best Spooky!

A great show for for Spooky year round!!Love it!

Great Podcast

Such a great podcast!! Really worth listening too!!!!

Great for keeping up the Halloween spirit!

I listen when doing Fall chores like raking leaves. The stories are lot of fun and really engaging.


Amazing I actually really get into it and now I really want to be apart of it so I'm trying to write a good story for you to read if possible

Work timekiller

Makes the time at work fly by with interneting tales I could listen to all day. The hosts personality is just a vibe to listen to never a dull moment. The first paranormal podcast I listened to now I'm hooked on them.

Great podcast!

I love this podcast!

Lots of fun!

I found this after seeing a podcast with Henrique. Started at episode one and was hooked! If you like being spooky stories, this is a definite go to.


The stories always keep you on edge and the narrator reads each line with great enthusiasm and excitement.

Seriously love this show!

I look forward to every Wednesday for my weekly dose of Spooky! The universe that has been built on this channel is seriously fantastic, never a dull moment. From super scary to lighter notes, you hit all of the categories on the board. I love your channel so much :) thanks for it, and please keep doing what you do! 200 isn’t that far away!!

Love my weekly spooky!

I love spooky stories and it certainly picks up my Wednesdays while I work! If you haven't started listening yet... What are you waiting for?!?! Do. It!! 👻☠️

Need More Rob Fields

This podcast is great especially if you follow Rob Fields universe of Strickfield. Anytime I see that the story is about Strickfield, I make time to pay full attention to the story. My top two episodes are Christmas Rage number 1 and The Last Tabon.

I am so hooked! Great for my morning and evening drives!

Weekly Spooky is exactly what I have been searching for for a long time! Horror anthology stories that are not too short and not too long for my morning and evening commute. H.C. is an excellent narrator and he really pulls you into each store with his entertaining voice! The stories do not hold back and that’s exactly what I like about them! It’s like Tales from the Crypt but for your ears! I started listening to the most recent going back but I just switched to listen to the first episode and work my way to the present! This podcast does not disappoint for horror fans who want a bit of spooky in their weekly! Keep up the great work H.C.!!!!!

I’m obsessed 😩🤗😱

Love every single one ☝🏾 !

Fun and Freaky Stories

Weekly Spooky is so much fun. I love the stories I started this podcast last week and I’m already on story eleven. I can’t get enough of the stories and with Halloween being close it makes it even more exciting keep them coming please.

Love love love this podcast

I discovered this podcast last Halloween. And I binge listen all the time. Love the way Henrique tells stories.

We need longer stories!

This podcast was the first scary podcast I subscribed to. I love it but I would love longer stories!


Great storyteller with great writers Supplying the stories

Narrator is...

Stories are good but the narrator sounds too happy and over caffeinated. Maybe slow it down a bit?


This podcast is so fun to listen to! Stories are scary, and keep you engaged, you wont want to stop listening! Great podcast and I can’t wait until the next episode!!

Great stories and voice

Great broadcast. Keep up the great work. Love your voice and great stories.


This an awesome podcast if you want escape from the mundane of daily life. I look forward to each new episode. It’s exactly what I needed to distract me through this 2020 election.


I’m scared😫