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Oct. 31, 2020

Ep.54 – Another Mischief Night - She's Loose and She's Ready to Kill You!

Ep.54 – Another Mischief Night - She's Loose and She's Ready to Kill You!

Episode Notes

This is our Halloween Episode, so on top of our haunting story we have some fun skits and music as well to celebrate our favorite holiday!

On Halloween things aren't so good at the Forbe's mental hospital as their star pupil has escaped and gone on a rampage to quench her thirst for blood and carnage!

Mischief Night by Shane Migliavacca

Music by Ray Mattis

Produced by Daniel Wilder

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Fresh from nursing school, Kay Farris had only been at Forbes Sanitarium for three months… yet, she was already sure she’d never get used to the building or the psychotics that dwelled within. 

Lightning flashed outside, it’s crooked fingers searching for the ground. Halloween was a few days away, but for Kay it may as well be tonight. The dark hallways and stillness of level 5 were creeping her out, and the damn storm wasn’t helping matters. 

Dr. Chandler had all the patients on level 5 sedated early; something to be thankful for, she thought, as she made her rounds. But with the storm it was really the only course of action as bad weather tended to knock out the sanitarium’s power… and since the doors were locked electronically, if the power went out, all the doors would unlock. The cheapskates in charge refused to pay for a backup generator. 

She stopped. 

Ahead was the end of the hall… and the last door on the left behind which sat Patient  15. 

Patient 15; that girl in the mask, Amanda Williams… she was worse than all the others. The girl just sat there, day and night in her white mask, never making a sound. Chandler, who had treated the girl since she’d first arrived, said she wore the mask out of shame… shame that her brother was murdered in a botched robbery while she stood by, paralyzed with fear.

Kay heard noises coming from the room late at night… not surprising since Amanda was the only patient that was never sedated as Chandler felt it unnecessary. Kay suspected the old man thought of the girl as a daughter. She chuckled, picturing them sitting down for a Sunday dinner. 

She started down the hall again when there was a bright flash of lightning, followed by a loud crash of thunder. The lights dimmed before finally flickering back on. 

“Spooky shit huh?”

Kay jumped, she spun around to see Johnny Earl behind her. The husky orderly smirked and she felt her face turning red.  “What?”

“Down there. The last cell.” His loud booming voice trailed off into a whisper. “Patient 15.” 

“I guess.” Kay shrugged, not wanting to let on how freaked the girl made her feel.

“All the ghosts and goblins will be coming out soon. “ He made eerie sounds. “I can protect you.”

“Save the trick or treat shit for Halloween night, Johnny Earl.”

Thank god Halloween was on a Saturday this year Kay thought, safe in the knowledge she had the day off. 

“Hey, I’m sorry. How about I make it up to you?” He touched her arm, making Kay flinch.

“There’s some empty rooms downstairs, we could take a little break.”

She pulled away from the big orderly. “Not a chance.” 

“Stuck up bitch.” Kay heard him mumble as she walked away. 

Smiling at his disappointment, she walked back to the nurse’s station. An older nurse sat watching a small TV which sat next to a large Jack-o Lantern. Lightning flashed, causing the lights to dim again. The woman looked up as Kay approached. 

“Don’t worry.” The older woman took out a cigarette, lighting it up. “Happens every time there’s a big storm.”

A sinister laugh erupted from the TV. 

“31 Days of Halloween will return with: Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter after these horrendous arcane adverts!” 

Mrs. Bradley was the senior nurse on the 5th floor, which meant she could do whatever the hell she wanted… so, the old nurse spent her shift watching old horror movies and smoking.  

“How are all our little chickadees?”  “Sleeping.”

“Good.” Mrs. Bradley coughed. “Sit down for a bit. They ain’t going anywhere.” 

Kay sat, stifling a cough. She hadn’t talked to the older nurse much since staring at Forbes. Bradley intimidated her, and Kay had heard stories from the other nurses that the old woman could be quite the tyrant if you crossed her… so Kay did as she was told and kept her head down.

“You like it here?” 

She felt her throat tighten as Kay strained to think of the appropriate words.


“It’s a shithole.” Mrs. Bradley laughed. “Don’t worry about trying to kiss my ass and say this is a great place. Do your job, put in your time, and if you're smart you’ll use this as a stepping stone.”

After a few moments of silence, Kay worked up the courage to ask a question.  

“How come you stayed?” 

Before answering, the old nurse tapped some ash into a coffee cup. 

“Big fish small pond. If I’d gone somewhere else, I’d have to start over again.” 

Johnny Earl sauntered towards them. “Well, well. Nobody told me it was break time.” He made a hurt face. 

Standing, Kay adjusted her uniform. “Well, back to it.” She walked by Johnny Earl, giving him the cold shoulder. Kay could feel them both watching her as she walked away. She listened to the squeak of her sneakers on the cold linoleum floor. 

Outside lightning  flashed, the brightest one yet. On its heels was a building-shaking rumble as thunder rolled above the earth. 

The light’s flickered and hummed again before going out. This time, they remained dark. 

“Oh fuck.” Kay muttered to herself. She stood alone in the hallway, darkness surrounding her. Kay used the faint light from outside to find the wall. Slowly, feeling along the wall, her hand glided over the concrete of the wall and the metal of the doors. 

She continued on this way until she bumped face first into the wall at the hall’s end.

Embarrassed, Kay headed back. She could see the pumpkin grinning there by the now dark TV. A fiery face grinning at her… a beacon in the dark.

Another sharp blast of lightning revealed the older nurse sitting there in her chair. Kay’s eyes strained to adjust after the bright flash of light.

“This is something.” Kay said, feeling a little better in the veteran’s presence. “I’m sure the power will be back on soon, right?”

Unable to see but the faintest outline of the older nurse, Kay turned the face of the Jack-O-Lantern towards the woman.

“Mrs. Bradley?”

The woman’s head slumped to the side, her eyes open and wide. Her swollen tongue hung limp from her mouth, which was frozen in a silent scream.

Nearly tripping over her own feet, Kay backed away. 

What should she do? Find Johnny Earl… call the cops? 

Slowly turning, Kay came face to face with a blank white face mask. Narrowed eyes sized her up from behind it. 

“Amanda.” Was all Kay could spit out before strong muscular hands gripped her by the throat, lifting her off the ground. Amanda’s eyes met Kay’s… cold, deep and somehow innocent. 

Suddenly there was a deafening crack and it was over. Kay’s body hit the linoleum floor with a dull thud. Amanda stepped over the body without a second glance. She had much to do. 

Kyle Williams felt guilty as he put on his Halloween costume. Amanda would want him to go out, have a good time. The thought of her made him touch the side of his face as he ran his hand over the scar on his cheek. 

If only he’d done something to help her that night. 

“Come on lead ass!” 

Trevor, his impatient roommate stood in the door dressed as Dracula. 

“Them wild wild women ain’t waiting forever.” 

“Sure, almost done.”

Truthfully, he was glad to be going… it was a chance to get out of the dorm, instead of sitting around by himself while everybody had fun.

“I can’t believe you're going as a hobo.”

“I’m not a hobo.” Kyle groaned. “I’m Dr. Who.”

“I’ve seen Dr. Who, he doesn’t dress like a hobo.”

“The second one did.”

Trevor shook his head. “Whatever man, I’ll take your word for it. Let’s go.”

As they pulled up the driveway, Kyle was amazed by just how many people were there.

“Holy shit.” 

“Got that right.” Trevor said, looking for an open spot on the lawn to park. “I think the whole collage is here and then some.”

Finding a spot on the outer edge of the lawn. Trevor parked. They got out, both marveling at the lit up three story house. Halloween lights crisscrossing it’s front.

A pretty Latino woman in a revealing red dress and shoddy black wig, a close enough approximation of Sigourney Weaver from Ghostbusters, brushed past Kyle as he and Trevor made their way towards the house.

“Sorry.” She said, turning to look at Kyle, before disappearing behind a van. 

“No prob.” Kyle replied. Watching her go.

“Dude, she was checking you out.”

“Yeah right.”

“Fuck, she was. Trust me.”


Trevor nods. “Go on. I’ll be inside.” 

Kyle hesitated for a moment, before going to look for the girl in the red dress.

Poking his head around the other side of the van, Kyle scanned the rows of parked cars.  A guy, his hair pulled back in a ponytail, dressed in a karate gi and a blonde girl in a cheerleader uniform stared at him as he prowled around looking for the girl.

He headed back towards where they’d parked. It was like the girl had vanished into thin air.   “Hey. Over here.”

Kyle turned to see the girl in the red dress leaning against a tree.   “Hi.” He stammered. 

She beckoned him over. 

“Kyle Williams?”


“Come with me if you want to live.”


“I always wanted to say that.”

A man cleared his throat, stepping from behind a tree. “Officer Mortez, we don’t have time for shenanigans.” 

The man rubbed his hands together. His thinning white hair was combed back. Kyle was very familiar with the little man.

“Dr. Chandler?” Kyle said, perplexed. “What are you doing here? Did something happen?”

The doctor stroked his chin. “Your sister escaped… after killing two nurses and an orderly.” 

“And later she stole a car after killing a motorist.” Mortez added.

Kyle looked at the pair dumbfounded. “What… why?”

Mortez scanned the area. “Let’s get to the car. We can talk about it there. I don’t like being out in the open.”

She hustled them to an unmarked car. 

Kyle stopped. “What about Trevor? I don’t want to just ditch him.”

Mortez pushed Kyle into the back seat in response.

Chandler slid into the passenger seat just in time as Mortez peeled out. 

“How is this possible doc?” Kyle asked. “I thought she was harmless?”

“It’s complicated. Something must have been triggered within her.”

As the doctor tried to explain his theory, Kyle became aware of headlights bearing down on them.

“Are we… ” Mortez cut him off. “Being followed? Yes, since we left the party.” 

“So, you're a cop?”

“Sure am.” She said, their eyes meeting in the rear-view mirror. 

“Great legs for a cop.” Kyle said, under his breath as he looked over his shoulder.

Mortez took a radio from the dash. “Got the kid and the doc, heading in. Over.”

“Kid?” Kyle mumbled. “I’m in college.”

Kyle could hear the other car gunning it’s engine as it accelerated before pulling up alongside them. Kyle made out an all too familiar face in the driver’s seat… his sister’s blank white face mask stared back at him.

Amanda swerved the car into them. 

Mortez fought to keep the car on the road as the car struck them again. 

“Why the hell is she doing this?” Kyle screamed over the scrapping of metal.

Mortez managed to shake off the other car for a moment, but Amanda hit the gas and rammed their car again. 

“Your sister is getting on my nerves!” Mortez snapped. 

As Amanda continued her assault, Kyle leaned over the front seat. He looked at Chandler who was sweating profusely. 

“Why is she doing this doc?” 

Chandler looked ready to faint.

“She wants to kill you.”

Before Kyile had a chance to process this, Amanda sent their car flying off the road and into a ditch. Kyle wasn’t sure which one of them was screaming at the top of their lungs, before he realized it was himself as darkness descended upon him.

“Hey, Great Gatsby, wake the fuck up.” 

He looked up to see Mortez hovering over him. As she pulled him up he saw Chandler nursing a nasty gash on his forehead.

“Where is she?” Kyle asked, feeling a sting of pain in his back. 

“Don’t know. We gotta get out of here.” Moretz pulled a pistol from a thigh holster, flashing a bit of leg. “I radioed in our situation, there’s nobody close and I’m not hanging around here waiting for your crazy sister to show up.” 

She popped the trunk open. Rummaging around, she pulled out a tire iron and offered it to Kyle.

“Merry Christmas. Don’t say I never gave you anything.”

He took it, turning the dingy looking metal bar over in his hands.

“If I can get close enough… ” Chandler spoke up. “…you won’t need violence.” He pulls a syringe from his jacket. “I can sedate her.”

Mortez frowned. “We’ll see doc. Can you walk okay?” 

“I think so, officer.” 

Kyle helped him forward as they headed into the treeline beyond the ditch. Mortez took point.

Kyle leaned in close as he helped Chandler step over a tree root. “Why is she doing this?” 

“As you know, your sister believes you died in that home invasion.” He wheezed between words. “Think of that time you visited her in the hospital, when she became agitated… ”

Agitated was one way to say it, Kyle thought. 

He could still remember that day. Not that long after that Halloween invasion, the doctor had ushered him into her room.   Upon seeing him, Amanda had started screaming at the top of her lungs. A wild, terrified look in her eyes. Since then, his visits consisted of seeing her through two way glass. 

The doctor cleared his throat before finishing. “What I learned is, your sister feels you are an impostor… a phony duplicate of her brother. A doppelganger.” 

Kyle let the words sink in as they made slow progress through the heavily wooded area. His sister, the one he loved more than anything else in life, truly wanted to destroy him.  

Mortez motioned for them to stop. 

“There’s a field up ahead. Sit tight. I’ll take a look.”

“Not a good idea.” Kyle replied. 

“Chill kid, I’m just going five feet.” 

She slipped through the trees as Kyle shook his head. “I’m not a kid.”

After a few minutes, Mortez came back.

“Looks like a farm in the distance… can’t tell if there’s anybody there. I think it’s our best bet. There might be a phone or a car.” 

Beyond the trees was a large field, overgrown with tall grass. As they started across, Kyle felt his heart beat faster. Amanda could be anywhere out here, lying in wait… the grass was over waist high… tall enough to conceal one very pissed off sister.

A cool autumn breeze rolled over the field. The grass swayed back and forth. 

Kyle’s eyes darted back and forth as he gripped the tire iron tightly. 

Suddenly he caught a black shape off to their left in the field, just sitting. Moonlight gave it a vague, ominous shape. 

“What the hell is that?” 

“What is what?” Mortez asked. 

“There.” Kyle pointed with the tire iron.

“Tractor, maybe.” Chandler offered. 

They kept going. 

Like some great beast opening its eyes after a long slumber, headlights flooded the field as the dark shape roared to life… the car’s tires peeling out as it shot towards the trio.

“Shit!” Mortez spat as she took aim. 

She fired off a round as the car screamed towards her. 

Mortez dove to the side as the car barreled by, headed straight towards Chandler and Kyle.

Kyle grabbed Chandler and pushed the startled doctor to the ground and out of the car’s path.

The vehicle spun around for another attempt. 

Kyle was running and screaming before he even realized what he was doing. All that he knew was he had to draw the car away from them. 

“Amanda!” Kyle screamed as he ran full tilt towards the farmhouse. Maybe there was something there he could stop his sister with. 

Adrenaline was the only thing fueling his flight. He ran, huffing and puffing, until the world slipped out from beneath his feet and he fell face first to the grass. 

Regaining his wits, Kyle rolled at the last possible minute out of the way of the oncoming car.

Screeching to a stop, the car now blocked his path to the farmhouse. Amanda met his gaze behind the wheel of the car. 

Getting to his feet, Kyle felt the sting of a skinned knee and a twisted ankle acquired from his tumble.

Hobbling towards the barn, he heard the car slowly turn around. No rush, she had plenty of time to kill him. The brake lights bathed the landscape in a bloody red hue. 

The place looked deserted… a good thing; no one else to get in his sister’s path. Kyle pushed open the large barn doors, the headlights of the slowly approaching car at his back illuminated the dusty interior. 

Kyle entered the barn as the car crept further towards him. 

He could feel Amanda’s eyes fixed on well as the weight of the tire iron in his hand. 

He turned as the car lurched forward and stopped... then moved forward again. It was halfway in the barn now. She was taunting him… playing with him. The high beams stung his eyes as the car drew closer.


Mortez pushed tall stalks of grass out of her way. When she’d gone down after the car had nearly clipped her, she’d lost her gun… a fucking rookie mistake. It had to be here somewhere. 

She glanced up, across the field. The light from the car was still visible.

“Stay here doc.” She ordered. “I gotta help the kid.”

Chandler tried to say something and she cut him off.

“You’ll be a bigger help finding my gun.”

“Take this then.” He handed her the syringe. “It’ll put her out quick.”

She took off running. 

If the kid was dead when she got there, Mortez would make sure his sister was too. “Fuck knocking her out. No going back to a nice cell for that bitch” she thought, and if Chandler didn’t like that he could take it up with her captain. 

The car stopped a couple feet from where Kyle stood. 

The roar of the great beast died as Amanda turned the car off. The bright blinding headlights faded, leaving spots in Kyle’s eyes. 

Spots or not, he could see the pale white mask watching him from behind the wheel. 

“C’mon.” he taunted. “You want me? I’m right here.”

The car door swung open as Amanda exited the vehicle. Her eyes blazed behind the mask, studying him.

“It’s me.” Kyle said. “Don’t you recognize me sis?”

As Amanda moved away from the car, Kyle could see she was holding a large knife in her blood stained hands. 

He held out the tire iron at the end of his trembling arm.

“I don’t want to hurt you… okay?”

She moved forward. Her gaze never left him.

“I’m not some copy you know? It’s me, Kyle.” 

Raising the blade, she advanced. 

“Remember when Bobby Iver stole my bookbag? You threatened to kick his ass after school if he didn’t give it back.” 

Amanda stopped. Her eyes locked on him.

“C’mon, there has to be something there.” Kyle pleaded. “Remember when you were hung up on Stevie Lee? You were crying in your room and I sat with you? You have to remember.” 

She raised the knife over her head, ready to strike. 

Kyle touched the scar on his cheek. “See this? That man did this. He lied about killing me to his buddy. Lied to save me. I didn’t die that night.”

Amanda’s hand shook. She started to lower the knife. 

“Don’t you fucking move, you crazy bitch!”

Mortez stood behind the car holding a broken board. 

“Stay away!” Kyle warned. 

Amanda turned towards the young cop and let out an inhuman howl. She leapt onto the car’s roof in two swift movements. She crouched there, scraping the car’s roof with her knife. 

Kyle rushed forward, trying to put himself between the two. He was too late as Amanda jumped off the car, towards Mortez. Kyle caught a glimpse of the blade as the two women collided. 

The two struggled as Kyle tried in vain to separate them.

Kyle was pushed away from the skirmish but managed to see Amanda stand, holding Mortez by the throat. His sister’s fingers tightened like a constrictor on the cop’s neck. 

For her part, the struggling Mortez managed to land a solid punch to Amanda’s face, stunning the woman and cracking her mask in the process… but her grip remained firm.

“Let her go!” Kyle pleaded. “We can go home… I’ll take you.”

Amanda let go of Mortez, and turned to her brother, half of her mask gave way revealing the pale beautiful face of a young woman. 

Still gasping for air, Mortez jammed the syringe into Amanda’s shoulder. Amanda responded with a backhand that sent Moretz violently to the ground.

She started to walk away from them, staggering as she went, until finally collapsing against the side of the car.

Kyle took her in his arms, sliding her into the back seat of the car.

“What are you doing?” Mortez asked, barely able to speak. 

“I’m taking her home.” He said getting into the car.

“She’ll kill you.”

“We’re family.” he said, starting the car. 

Mortez could only lean weakly against the barn door, and watch them drive off into the black October night. 

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